Slate of Mind: Urvashi Dholakia

by Meenakshi Negi, posted October 08, 2012 at 4:10 am

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My two boys were the happiest when i said i am going to the Bigg Boss' House

Urvashi was sounding absolutely estatic and charged-up for her second-innings on television and spoke her mind out, notwithstanding the sore throat...

  • I am going to have lots and lots of fun inside the Bigg Boss house, I am excited already
  • I don't think I need any mental preparation to go inside the house, I'll leave that for others who will have to bear with me
  • I will miss my twins the most, but i am carrying my father's picture with me as he is no more
  • Being a Gujju, it's the 'Alag Che' punchline that made me excited about the show
  • My mother will be happy for three months as there will be no credit card bills and long telephone bills to be paid.

141 82
RT @DrashtiDhami_DD: Drashti Dhami @drashti10, Princess Doll #Jhalak7 :) :)
RT @DrashtiDhami_DD: Drashti Dhami @drashti10, Princess Doll #Jhalak7 :) :)
RT @DrashtiDhami_DD: Drashti Dhami @drashti10, Princess Doll #Jhalak7 :) :)
Drashti Dhami @drashti10, Princess Doll #Jhalak7 :) :)
@mymalishka chulbuli, mastikhor @ashish30sharma #Hottie #RudyBoy @shampa_s Choreographer par excellence #JDJ7
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