What is Abhay Diwan's back story? What is Abhay Diwan's back story? 09/12
Posted by Meenakshi Negi

Abahy Diwan, the new man in Siddhi's life, who took care of her son like his own father would, has been the reason behind the closeness between Siddhi and Anand. Anand, who used to feel ashamed to acknowledge Siddhi as his mother because of her down market appearance, has now grown closer to her because Abahy took charge of giving her a makeover. While spending time with Anand, Abhay keeps talking about Siddhi and how good a person she is. Despite all this, Siddhi felt that Abhay has been spoiling her son by giving him everything he literally puts his hands on.

Siddhi alleged Abahy for not understanding that his gestures and a big heart are somehow down the line spoiling Anand and making him stubborn! Abahy, being the reticent he is, kept quite but got hurt.

It's only after Sulekha Diwan, Ababhy's mother told Siddhi about Abhay's past and Siddhi felt guilty for not being able to understand his intentions, went up to him and apologized.

Abhay lost his family (his wife and kids), but how is unkown. According to Sulekha, he can never see them ever again and it's only after Anand's entry in his life that he started enjoying life all over again. 

Well, the backstory is still under the shadow and we are not giving that out either! But,don't miss the the show as a sensational twist in the tale is yet to surprise you!