Jennifer Winget
Jennifer Winget

Gender : Female

About Jennifer Winget :Jennifer Winget is a popular Indian television actress, ruling the industry for more than a decade. She is a great performer on-screen. Jennifer is currently playing the female lead called 'Zoya' on the show 'Bepannaah'


  • Aditya kidnaps Zoya?

    Aditya kidnaps Zoya?

    18:34 September 17 2018 from Colors

    Is Zoya really getting married to Arshad?

    This week on Bepannaah, Arshad informs everyone that Zoya made him wear the ring in front of Aditya and that she definitely loves him. Arshad is now very eager to marry Zoya. Waseem calls up Harsh Hooda asking him to make Aditya understand to not cross his boundaries. On the other hand, we see that Zoya is putting mehendi on her hand and the lady asks her whose name she’d like to write. Zoya, however, is zoned out and is getting flashe.. Read more

  • Five things you get only from your mother!

    Five things you get only from your mother!

    15:48 September 07 2018 from Colors

    Don't forget to share this with your mom!

    Let’s just mutually establish that moms are the coolest ever! While she’s strict and all that, she also knows when you’re supposed to take it easy in life. She not only instills the good moral values in you but she’s also responsible for the times you’re given the tag of being cool! Scroll away!   #1    #2       #3      &nb.. Read more

  • "I love you Zoya!"

    "I love you Zoya!"

    17:20 September 05 2018 from Colors

    Three words. Eight letters. Aditya says it all!

    This week on Bepannaah, Zoya comes in support of Aditya and tells everyone that he cannot harm anyone. In the heat of the moment, she even tells Arshad that everything between them is over! Zoya gets upset and on the other side, Anjana is trying to gauge Aditya’s point of view and trying to provoke him against Arshad. After a while, we see Arshad at Zoya's house who comes to tell her the truth about Aditya. To get clarity, Zoya cal.. Read more




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