Helly Shah
Helly Shah

Age : 19

Gender : Female

About Helly Shah :

Helly Shah is an Indian television actress who started her career at a very young age. After playing pivotal roles in various TV shows, she appeared as Swara in Swaragini. Now she portrays the lead role in Devanshi.




  • Devanshi : Kusum & Devanshi Engage In Spiritual Conflict!

    Devanshi : Kusum & Devanshi Engage In Spiritual Conflict!

    15:42 May 18 2017 from Colors

    Kusum takes drastic measures to evade defeat at the hands of Devanshi

    Kusum has been trying to fight back ever since Devanshi put a stop to her trickery and fake magic. Devanshi’s faith and belief in doing good has given her the power to turn the tables back on Kusum. But Kusum is not one to sit silent even in the face of near defeat as seen in the previous episodes. She decided to call on the dark forces to help her as Devanshi and Ishwar tried to expose her crimes to the villagers. Kusum was seen performing.. Read more

  • The Battle Between Good And Evil Continues On 'Devanshi'

    The Battle Between Good And Evil Continues On 'Devanshi'

    17:59 May 11 2017 from Colors

    A surprising reveal on Devanshi will be followed by more interesting twists and turns

    After finally having gotten the upper hand on Kusum Sundari, Devanshi continues her quest to further expose Kusum’s wrongdoings in front of everyone. Vardaan came back to life through Devanshi’s faith and belief. Mohan’s accomplice was revealed to be Golu who admitted that Mohan bribed him to drive Vardaan’s car and make the accident happen. Devanshi wants justice for what he did and revealed that she knew it was him but w.. Read more

  • Why We Love Devanshi And Vardaan As a Jodi

    Why We Love Devanshi And Vardaan As a Jodi

    13:42 May 05 2017 from Colors

    Devanshi and Vardaan make an awesome Jodi and here's why

    Devanshi and Vardaan really work together as a Jodi. The two have become almost inseparable despite some ups and downs in their life. The one thing that makes their bond so special and strong is the fact that they were childhood friends. The two have have been through a lot together and their understanding for each other goes beyond the ordinary. It’s no wonder that people have become so smitten with the Jodi and started dubbing t.. Read more




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