Helly Shah
Helly Shah

Age : 19

Gender : Female

About Helly Shah :

Helly Shah is an Indian television actress who started her career at a very young age. After playing pivotal roles in various TV shows, she appeared as Swara in Swaragini. Now she portrays the lead role in Devanshi.




  • Vardaan Snaps At Devanshi!

    Vardaan Snaps At Devanshi!

    16:52 June 07 2017 from Colors

    Vardaan and Devanshi face more troubles in their relationship

    Kusum and Mohan have have set their plan in motion and it seems that things are working out for them as Mohan continues to create more misunderstandings between Vardaan and Devanshi. Devanshi has been trying to catch the person responsible for the theft of the temple money but Mohan is always one step ahead as he continues to take advantage of the situation to drive a wedge between the couple.     Devanshi’s determina.. Read more

  • Devanshi : Little Known Facts About Helly Shah

    Devanshi : Little Known Facts About Helly Shah

    17:05 June 02 2017 from Colors

    Here are some interesting little known facts about Helly Shah

    Helly Shah has gained a lot of popularity with her charm and great acting chops, having starred in a lot of shows at such a young age. After ‘Swaragini’, Helly Shah is now portraying the role of a grown-up Devanshi in the show titled ‘Devanshi’. She plays the role with finesse with a spot on Haryanvi accent. Her on-screen presence has won the hearts of many, and we can’t deny the fact that she is extremely likeable! .. Read more

  • Explore The Fun Side Of Your Favourite Stars!

    Explore The Fun Side Of Your Favourite Stars!

    15:14 June 01 2017 from Colors

    Have you ever wondered how your favourite stars have fun when they are not filming? You'll be truly delighted to check this out

    We all have our fun and crazy side, don’t we? That part of us which we hold sacred because honestly, what is life if you don’t lighten up, laugh, smile then laugh some more? Your favourite stars work hard to entertain you but even they need some downtime to have fun and it’s amazing to see that side of their life because it helps us connect with them on a more personal level.   We get emotionally attached to the chara.. Read more




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