Highs and lows: Sangram Singh
posted December 27, 2013 at 2:51 am
  • He was accused, blamed, called a liar but he was also respected, supported and appreciated. Sangram Singh had his share of highs and lows in his journey of Big Boss. Let’s have a look at them.

  • High 1: Sangram became part of history by breaking the world record to stay in the box. He stayed in the box for 40 hrs along with Kamya and gained lot of brownie points for his patience and perseverance apart from the ticket to the finale. 

  • High 2: Sangram’s next high point would be the appreciation he got from Salman Khan for being what he is. Salman appreciated his humility and the way he doesn’t boast about his achievements which are truly commendable.

  • High 3: The third high for Sangram was when he got a surprise visit from his girlfriend Payal. Sangram was totally overwhelmed and all he could do was blush silently.

  • High 4: Another high moment for Sangram was when he decided to shave off his head for a task. For any other person, a radical haircut is not just a style statement but would anyone shave his head to gain points for his team? 

  • Low 1: Sangram’s low moment would be when he lost his cool for the very first time inside the bigg boss house and had a huge argument with Armaan. This was the first time everyone saw the fierce side of Sangram. He felt very bad after the fight for using abusive words and he promised that he wouldn't do that again.

  • Low 2: Another low point in Sangram’s journey would be that one week when he was constantly ridiculed and accused by the housemates for lying and for being two faced. This was when Bigg Boss put him through a lie detector test and his answers were shown to the other housemates, Sangram had a very tough time that week.

  • Low 3: The next low would be when Kamya warned him not to say anything against Gauahar. She also told him that he wasn’t man enough to take a strong stand against anything.

  • Low 4: Another low point would be the Vodafone caller who called him and asked about him not having his own opinion and lying. The caller revealed how he called Gauahar ‘a naagin’ when Gauahar thought that Sangram was one of her good friend in the house.

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