Sampat gets evicted #Recap, Bigg Boss Day 33
posted November 10, 2012 at 2:23 am
  • Salman Khan started off the Jumme ki Raat in style with a performance on 'Unchi Hai Building'. He seemed in a particularly good mood and the crowd couldn't stop cheering!

  • Once the mood was set, Salman asked Mink how she was fitting in with the housemates. Then Salman set sights on Sampat Pal, and pulled her leg about everything from her trendy new hairstyle to her daring 'bath' in the pool!

  • Salman showed how Sapna came up to Aashka and told her that everybody would go in front of the cameras and tell Bigg Boss that Aashka's failure was not entirely her fault. An overwhelmed Aashka told her that she respected her for thinking of this inspite of not being her friend.

  • Later, Delnaaz told Urvashi about Sapna's idea. Aashka kept taunting Urvashi about how friends had not thought of her and only Sapna had noticed her depression. Urvashi got pissed at this and left, only to rant to Sidhu and Delnaaz later.

  • Salman started talking to Aashka and teased her about her constant crying in the house. He teased her saying that Bhushi dam in Lonavala was overflowing due to her tears, and called her Pani ki Devi!Watch Aashka's tearjerker moments here! 

  • The housemates were given the task of questioning Major Sidhu and Rebel Vrajesh about their strategies (or lack of them) in the task. Sidhu explained why he had willingly lost, whereas Vrajesh accepted his faults.

    Watch the courtroom drama here! 

  • Sidhu was asked about his reaction to everyone coming to him and bitching about the others. Sidhu replied that he didn't believe anything that was not said upfront. After this gyaan, Salman joked that even though Sidhu was elder to him by just a couple of years, housemates had made him an old baba!

  • Sapna has always had some trouble with keeping her mouth closed and her opinions to herself, especially with Salman. So she decided to gag herself with a black cloth so she wouldn't be able to say anything controversial, which she had done aplenty in the past.

  • The Vodafone caller of the day asked Rajev why he had stopped chasing Delnaaz. He explained that after being rejected continuously by Delnaaz, he decided to leave her alone, which he explained by saying 'there are plenty of fish in the sea'. All the best Rajev!

  • Salman asked Aashka about failing miserably as Captain. Aashka just said that her sensitivity level was pretty high and that when she tried instructing the housemates, they reacted rudely, causing her to withdraw.

  • Salman did not forget to tease anyone. He asked Sana about the 'yawning episode' with Niketan. Niketan too, was asked to demonstrate his yawn, after which Salman teased him about hurting girls.

  • After the fun and games, it was time for some serious work. Salman announced that Sapna was safe from eviction this week, at which Sapna looked a little disappointed.

  • Salman then declared that Sampat was evicted, and Sampat literally jumped with joy! She kept saying that she was happy to go back home, and everybody gladly accepted her hugs and kisses while leaving. You'll be missed Sampat!

  • This was one funny scene. Salman welcomed Sampat out, and as soon as she was handed a mike, she started talking and giving messages to the women in India. Salman, after many attempts to silence her, finally succeeded after telling her that she would get plenty of time to talk on Saturday!

  • Salman arrives!
  • Salman starts with Sampy
  • Sapna on Aashka's side
  • Delnaaz talks to Urvashi
  • Pani ki Devi!
  • Sidhu on trial
  • Sidhu baba!
  • Sapna ki bolti bandh
  • Plenty of fish for Rajev!
  • Failed captain
  • Yaaaaawn!
  • Safe!
  • Good bye Sampat!
  • Sampat gets out!

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