New housemate makes the ladies go wild! #Recap, Bigg Boss Day 35
posted November 12, 2012 at 3:46 am
  • After Sidhu makes an emergency exit, everyone is depressed in the house and especially the girls who can't seem to control emotions

  • To cheer up the girls, Bigg Boss arranges a special dinner for all the girls in the house. They get to feast on Pasta and Thums up while boys sit outside and crib about not being treated special. Watch all the fun here!

  • Vishal Karwal makes an entry in the Bigg Boss house and he comes bearing gifts and more food! The girls' couldn't be happier!

  • Sana and Vishal have known each other sicne ages so they take this opportunity to catch up and Sana enquires about hwo shes' doing in the show. Vishal commends her for doing a good job and they plan to stick to each other during this game. Too much sticking, eh?

  • Vishal's happiness was definitely short-lived. The very next day housemates put him to work and poor Romeo was seen cleaning the pool area with the other wild card entry Mink.

  • Bigg Boss announces that Sana will have to show Vishal around the house and stay with him throughout, basically joining them at the hip! Lucky guy, na?

  • Nominations begin and Vishal is declared safe, but who is in danger is Sapna. Urvashi gets a special power to send one person directly into nomination and she chooses Sapna. Trying to get even maybe? Watch here

  • Nominations begi nwith Sana who had to tag Vishal along even for this! You can check out the complete list of nominations right here!

  • Urvashi, who nominated Sapna, explains to Niketan and Vrajesh about her actions. She expects to see how things turn out with Sapna this week and hence made such a move.

  • Niketan seems to have a strong intuition as who all he predicted would be nominated came true. He had taken his own name and Vrajesh's and bang on! Both are now sitting in danger zone. Vrajesh also explains his reason to nominate Aashka and why he thinks things are turning sour between them.

  • Sapna shares with Vishal how traumatising its become for her to stay and she doesn't think she has the mental capability to stay in the house till January.

  • Bigg Boss gives Vishal his first task and asks him to prepare a dance performance. He also assigns Sana as his choreographer and after much contemplation Vishal chooses Aashka to be his dance partner.

  • Inside, Niketan tries to prove that Delnaaz would have any day been a better chocie for Vishal to dance with. Rajev, as always, uses the opportunity to get close to Dellu!

  • Sana starts off teaching dance to Vishal and Aashka and makes Sapna stand in Vishal's place. She shows off some sexy moves making you forget that this was suppose to be a tutorial!

  • Finally, Vishal and Aashka do a hot dance while the others cheer on. But seriously tell us, which was hotter? Sana's sexy dance tutorial or Aashka and Vishal's hot dance performance?

  • Housemates cry after Sidhu's exit
  • Ladies night in the Bigg  Boss house!
  • New Housemate enters
  • Old friends catch up
  • From Romeo to Servant
  • Sana becomes Vishal's shadow
  • Sapna in danger
  • Nomination ki prakriya shuru huyi
  • Urvashi explains her decision
  • Niketan's predictions...
  • Sapna asks advice from Vishal
  • Dancing with the Wild Card!
  • Delnaaz or Aashka?
  • Sana's choreography turns seductive
  • Final dance performance!

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