Adaa Khan
Adaa Khan

Age : 29

Gender : Female

About Adaa Khan :

Adaa Khan is an Indian television actress, she is currently playing the role of Sesha in Naagin 2. Currently, she will be seen playing the role of a vishkanya i.e. Sitaraa in Vish ya Amrit: Sitaraa. 




  • Sitaara against Vrinda?

    Sitaara against Vrinda?

    14:30 February 21 2019 from Colors

    What made Sitaara go against her own mother?

    This week on Sitaara: Ek Vishkanya Ki Kahaani, an aggravated Sitaara tries to kill Viraj. Just then, Vrinda’s lie is out and Sitaara gets to know the real truth about her intentions and pledges to stand against her and protect the Rajparivaar. On realizing her mistake, Sitaara apologizes to Kuldeep and Viraj for all the misunderstandings and promises to protect the entire family against the evil. How will Vrinda and her sisters react t.. Read more

  • Sitaara on a mission!

    Sitaara on a mission!

    18:03 February 12 2019 from Colors

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    This week on Sitaara: Ek Vishkanya Ki Kahaani, an icchadhari scorpion attacks both Albeli and Sitaara. Sitaara, however, defeats him and pledges to tak down the culprits of her mother for putting her through so much over the last couple of years. She even attacks Viraj with her poisonous nails but fails. Unable to kill him first, she tried to kill Viraj again by giving him a poisonous flower. With a sheer aim of revenge, Sitara even woos Sam.. Read more

  • Sitaara's on a mission!

    Sitaara's on a mission!

    17:30 February 05 2019 from Colors

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    This week on Sitara, Vrinda openly challenges Rajguru and tells him about Chabbili’s soul in the raajmahal. Choti Rani, meanwhile, doubts Netra when she tries to steal the sindoor dibbi from the mandir. On the other hand, we see the bond deepening between Sitaara and Viraj when Sitaara gives him lessons on how to impress Netra before the wedding.       Later, Sitara doubts Netra too and decides to dig dee.. Read more




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